Little Genie Series ランプの精 リトル・ジーニー シリーズ

M(9歳)が図書館で見つけて、最近はまっているのがリトル・ジーニー シリーズ。日本語版の絵(サトウユカ)を気に入って日本語で読んでいますが、英語版の絵(David Calver)もかわいいそうです。




I really liked Little Genie series because the pictures were very cute and beautiful. My favorite book so far was the “Little Genie Make a Wish” book (which is the first book) because you could see how Little Genie came to Ali’s house and how they became friends. In this book, first there was a girl called Ali and she was in her room cleaning the new magical lamp that her gramma bought for her and suddenly there were pink fluffy things in the lamp and inside was a little girl sitting! Ali was really shocked because she didn’t put the power plug in and her gramma even told her that the lamp was really old and didn’t work! Like these things, lots of shocking and unbelievable things happen in these books! Enjoy reading the adventures with Little Genie!!!


3冊目「ランプの精 リトル・ジーニー ピンクのまほう」の表紙(カバーの下)



Little Genie Series

Author: Miranda Jones

Illustration: David Calver

ランプの精 リトル・ジーニー シリーズ