The Magician's Elephant ピーターと象と魔術師

久しぶりの投稿は、またケイト・ディカミロです。イラストはアメリカで活躍なさっている日本人、Yoko Tanakaさん。



This book is very mysterious and a little bit scary so once you start reading you can't stop reading it or thinking about it. The book is about a magician who wanted to do a show of lilies but his magic didn't work and an elephant came out and crashed the roof of the theater!! Then something incredible happend. The elephant fell from the roof and fell onto the lap of one women who was sitting!!!? I was so shoked that I couldn't stop reading. I really recommend this book bacause it is a brilliant book to read when you are bored!! I hope you will enjoy the book!!!!



The Magician's Elephant

Author: Kate DiCamillo